- Respect admins
- Respect customers in any situations.
- Respect your booster colleagues.
- Do not contact customers outside op-boost.com framework.
- Do not solicit customers or respond to their solicitations to do any orders outside the website.
- Do not insist towards gifts, you may ask at the end of your order but they are not in any case vital.
- Have a welcoming behaviour towards customers (Hello, presentation, asking customers if they have any questions, etc...).
- Be organised in your work (you have to adapt your schedule in relation to the customers, not the opposite).
- Immediately contact an admin if there is any problems with an order (infos, price, important customers message etc...).
- Contact admins in case of a prolonged absence. Any accounts inactive for more than 14 days will be automatically disabled.
- Contact admins and the customers when there is a hiccup. Once the facts are stated, no further explanation is deemed justifiable. It is imperative to update the situation in real time so that the customers and/or the team are able to intervene.
- Do not advertise in our name or use our brand op-boost.com for your own personal interest if you do not have permission.
- Do not disclose any summoner names, account names or their passwords under any circumstance.
- A continual attendance in "Order chats" is mandatory. Hereby staying in prolonged contact with customers.
- A clear attendance on Skype or Discord during the entire order is vital. If a customer has any requests, they must be able to contact you anytime.
- Only select orders you can start within the next 30 minutes.
- Do not select orders you can not finish in time, for whatever reason.
- Do a minimum amount of games a day, in relation to the order type.
- Try your best to fulfill customers special requests, or try to find a common ground for his request. These special requests are free, if you can not find a common ground you will be replaced by another booster).
- Do your best on every order, any type.
- Do not use Blue esssences/RP without the customers permission.
- Do not chat with the customers friend list.
- Have a welcoming behaviour on the customers account (never toxic, always positive etc...).
- Always have a VPN activated during the whole boost, set it on the customers country.
- Enable "close client during games" in the game's settings.
- Do not use cheating softwares (dodge scripts, maphack, zoomhack, etc...).
PS: If you can prove that one of our booster has tried to sell you boosting outside of our website, we will reward you accordingly.
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