How do your services work?
After your payment has been processed, you will have to create an account on our website if you haven't already done so. You will then be instructed to give us your account information. A booster will then take your order and start it as soon as possible.
Is it safe?
Since our boosters use a VPN to hide their identity, we provide you with full account protection. All our boosters are trusted professionals and will not harm your account in any way. Also, you wouldn't have to worry about your account being stolen because you can automatically claim your account back with your associated email.
Is it possible to pause the boost?
Yes, you can pause your order from the customer dashboard but, we would urge you to leave your account alone so the boost can be completed with haste.
Can I play on my account during boost?
You can play on your account during the boost but, don't forget to put your order on pause. Please refrain from playing the specified ranked queue that you purchase until your boost is complete
Can I choose what the booster will play, summoner spell keys etc?
Yes, you can put in a "special request" for example, things like "play teemo only" or "having flash on F". Our boosters will do the best they can with your request.
Is it possible to choose the booster?
You can select the booster of your choice by selecting them whilst purchasing your order.
Will my booster spend my Blue essences/RP or change my rune pages?
Your booster will not use your Blue essences/RP unless you allow them to. However they will probably change some rune pages to speed up the order.
What servers do you boost on?
We boost on NA (North America), EUW (Europe West), EUNE (Europe Nordic & East), TR (Turkish), RU (Russian) and LAN (Latin America North). We don't plan to add other servers.
Is there a minimum amount of games I have to purchase?
No, you can freely purchase as many games as you like.
Can I switch my booster during the boost?
Yes, if you have a good reason to, you can speak to support for switching your booster.
Will the booster chat to my friends or in game?
The booster will not interact with your friends, unless you tell him to do so. However, he will chat in game if he feels it can help him win, but he will never be toxic.
I bought a boost but selected wrong server/league/division/lp/etc, what to do?
You can contact support to solve this problem.
Is it possible to gift my booster?
Yes, feel free to gift your booster if you think he did a good job, you can do it from the dashboard.
Will only one booster play on my account?
Yes, unless there is a particular case which means the booster will be swapped.
What happens if the booster skips a division?
Nothing bad, you will not have to pay anything more, profit!
Can I chat with my booster?
Yes, you can use the dashboard to chat with your booster.
How long does it usually take for my order to start?
Our boosters usually do 8 games a day, so it depends on how big your order is, or your availability if it's a duo-Q order
Do you have more options than paypal for payment?
Not for the moment.
I can't find my question in the FAQ, can you still help me?
We have a 24/7 live chat and support just for you, feel free to ask us anything and we will help you.
May I have a discount?
We sometimes do general discounts, but you can also get a discount by referring us another customer. You will find this on your dashboard.
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